Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Free Visitor Stats For Your Blog Or Web Site

Site Meter
Site Meter is a free, fast, and easy way to add a web counter to your web page. Not only does it display the number of visitors to your web site, it also keeps statistics on the number of visits each hour and each day. There is no program to download, nothing to install, and has a variety of web counter styles from which to choose.

Stat Counter
A free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats. Insert a simple piece of our code on your web page and you will be able to analyse and monitor all the visitors to your website in real-time.

Add Free Stats
Keep track of how many people visit your website, when they come, how they found your website and many more features. All website statistics reports are in real-time.

Extreme Tracking
With the eXTReMe Tracker you get every advanced feature required to picture the visitors of your website. Conveniently arranged, numbers, percentages, stats, totals and averages. All the way up from simple counting your visitors until tracking the keywords they use to find you.

Active Meter
Free Invisible Hit Counter, Web Tracker, Web Analytic and Web Stats. Tracks Recent Visitors, Returning Visitors, Multi-Page Visitors, Recent Pageload, Visitor Path, Keyword Analysis, Recent Keywords, Popular Pages, Entry/Exit/Referrer, System Statistics and Regional Statistics.

One Stat Basic
Provides the following information about your website: Who and how many people are visiting your website. Where do your visitors come from. Which pages do they look at most. What hours, days, weeks, months, quarters and years are they particulary active. What kind of technology do they use to view your website.

NoGray Free Site Tracking
Invisible tracking system with graphical charts. Unlimited website and unlimited pages. Total pages viewed, unique clicks, repeated clicks, conversion rates, CTC ratio and ROI calculator. Track visitors up to the hour and real time statistics. Record of search engine keywords and referrers to your site.

CQ Counter
Tracks which sites or search engines send to your site. How often are your pages reloaded. How many hits has your site every hour, day, week, month, and year. What operating system and web browsers do your visitors use. Which IP address your web page visitors come from.

Free Stats
In exchange for placing an advertising banner on your site Free Stats provides statistics on page views, unique visitors, popular pages and top referrers.

Site Tracker
Site Tracker provides 7 days detailed statistics on yoour web site's Page Views, Unique Visitors, Popular Pages, Raw Logs, Top Referrers. An advertising banner will need to be placed on site.

Gold Stats
Tracks Referrals, OS systems, Screen Settings. Daily, weekly and monthly graphs. Detailed search engine keyword reports including information on what keywords were used with each search engine. Their free stats service will display a 468x60 pixel banner and you are limited to 33K page visits per month.