Monday, October 17, 2005

Free Net Tools Utility For Windows

Net Tools 4 Windows is an amazing free software utility which contains a whole variety of network tools including:
IP Address Scanner, IP Calculator, IP Converter, Port Listener, Port Scanner, Ping, NetStat, Trace Route, TCP/IP Configuration, Resolve Host & IP, Time Sync, Whois & MX Lookup, Connect0r, Net Sender, E-mail seeker, Net Pager, Active and Passive port scanner, Spoofer, Hack Trapper, HTTP flooder (DoS), Mass Website Visiter, Advanced Port Scanner, Trojan Hunter (Multi IP), Port Connecter Tool, Advanced Spoofer, Advanced Anonymous E-mailer, Simple Anonymous E-mailer, Anonymous E-mailer with Attachment Support, Mass E-mailer, E-mail Bomber, E-mail Spoofer, Simple Port Scanner (fast), Advanced Netstat Monitoring, X Pinger, Web Page Scanner, Fast Port Scanner, Deep Port Scanner, Fastest Host Scanner (UDP), Get Header, Open Port Scanner, Multi Port Scanner, HTTP scanner (Open port 80 subnet scanner), Multi Ping for Cisco Routers, TCP Packet Sniffer, UDP flooder, Resolve and Ping, Multi IP ping, File Dependency Sniffer, EXE-joiner (bind 2 files), Encrypter, Advanced Encryption, File Difference Engine, File Comparasion, Mass File Renamer, Add Bytes to EXE, Variable Encryption, Simple File Encryption, ASCII to Binary (and Binary to ASCII), Enigma, Password Unmasker, Create Local HTTP Server, eXtreme UDP Flooder, Web Server Scanner, Force Reboot, Webpage Info Seeker, Bouncer, Advanced Packet Sniffer, IRC server creater, Connection Tester, Bandwidth Monitor, Remote Desktop Protocol Scanner, MX Query, Messenger Packet Sniffer, API Spy, DHCP Restart, File Merger, E-mail Extractor, Open FTP Scanner, Advanced System Locker, Advanced System Information, CPU Monitor, Web Server, Process Checker, IP String Collecter, Mass Auto-Emailer. FREEWARE 15.3MB

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