Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Predictive Web Searching Site

Inquisitor Instant Search combines as-you-type instant search, search term suggestion, and multiple-engine searching in a single elegant and original user interface that can be used in any (modern) browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Inquisitor is an instant search technology that takes the waiting out of searching the web. It is an AJAX-style web application that retrieves web results and suggestions as-you-type. What does it do? Well, just try it! Type in a test search like 'iPod' and see what happens.
Please note, Inquisitor is a beta service. At the moment, the service works best with either Firefox, Safari, or Opera (or a derivative like OmniWeb or Camino). It does work (albeit limitedly) with that other unmentionable browser, but since Firefox rocks so much, you should probably just use that.
Since this is brand-spanking new, it isn't yet feature complete. Bear with me, please.

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