Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Windows Tools on CD-ROM or USB Memory Stick

Dirk Loss has a list of more than 600 free utilities for Windows that can be burned to a pocket CD-R or a USB Memory Stick. He has compiled a small list of instructions on how to create a bootable CD image to create a rescue disk complete with all these utils!
I started searching the Internet for useful utilities that can be run directly from CD-ROM. These were my requirements:
- Must be available free of charge (at least for non-commercial use). If source code is available under a Free Software/Open Source license, that's even better.
- Small is beautiful
- Graphical user interfaces are nice (this is Windows after all...;-)
- My focus is on diagnostic, network and security tools (no games or MP3 players...)
Here's my list. Download the tools, exctract the archives to a folder on your harddisk and burn them on a CD-ROM. Or put them on your USB-stick. If you leave out all unnecessary files (documentation, language files, etc.) and compress all executables with UPX, all these tools together (more than 600 executables) take less than 100 MB of disk space.

Tags: freeware, utilities, tools, windows, memory stick

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